Thursday, December 25, 2014


December 20th, 2014 marked an momentous day for any fans of Cave Story out there-
The 10th anniversary of the game being released!
While this blog update coming  5 days late, (By the way, Merry Christmas, and sorry for the delay) I have still have the usual updates to list off and explain here, so I may as well play all my cards here.
First off, with the time it's taking to adjust to the new engine, I can absolutely guarentee that there will be no fully playable demo able to be released during this year at all. My unfortunate worries that this engine would significantly delay the release of the demo turned out to be true after all.
Coupled with some technical difficulties involving computer region and missing files on my end, I've recently had to acquire another version of the development tools altogether, so needless to say things are a bit rough when it comes to adjusting.
Though, being that it's the season of giving right now, what better way to *mildy interest audiences* by showcasing some new info on the game ready to be published in this update.

First off, a preview to how the surface world is structured.
Gradually progressing furthur downwards, with multiple branching paths, the surface world is anything but the island in temrs of structure and progression. While much of the time only a limited amount of enterable paths open up as the player goes furthur into the story, there are far fewer limitations on where the player can go to as dictated by the plot.

Expect to see something along the lines of this. (Credit: Geobox staff affiliate)

In the case of the story, the aformentioned villain replacing the role of General Jiro will will not be fully revealed until the furthur notice, but as of now, his role, backstory, motivations, characterization and design are all fleshed out. In a way, he acts as General Jiro's equivalent of Doctor Date for Quote, with a relation and motive driven by hatred and resentment for past transgressions.

Again, since updates from this point onwards are all based on signifcant levels of progress rather than a monthly interval system, I can't say when the next update will be, let alone even estimate a release date for the demo by this point. 

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  1. Awesome map can't wait to actually see screenshots of it.