The works of the members of our sound team.
*Downloads require Orgmaker or Orgmaker 2, both of which can be found here*

MrLog's SoundCloud Page
So far, the only potential tracks for the game are his "Moonsong Remix" and original piece, "Phase"
Please keep in mind that both are from different versions of the soundtrack.

Track and file name: "Beneath the Surface" | Download and Listen |
Track name: "False Tranquility"
File name: "Balcony New" | Download |
"Phase" | Download |

Our Secondary Sound Director's YouTube Channel
One of our secondary sound director's YouTube channels, filled with various ORG tracks that may be used in the game at some point. His tracks' "Home" and boss battle themes are already in the process of editing.

Track name: "Foreign"
File name: "SICK" | Download |
Track name: "Encounter"
File name: "Boss Battle" | Download |

Some undetermined ORG pieces:
"Village" | Download |
"Unknown Woods" | Download |
"Last of Our Times" | Download |
"Forest Mehbeh" | Download |
"Zach's game 25 | Download |
"Crazay" | Download
" Sick Start" | Download |

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