Monday, January 16, 2017

End of the Line

As the old idiom goes, I've put all my eggs in a single basket- and unfortunately that basket just had too many complications to work out for me.

Though I can't go into specifics, the underlying reason I have to end this is because of money, or a lack thereof.
I had originally thought I could finish this off volunteer work from others and minimal spending on my part. I now realize that, if you want to get something done as ambitious as this, you can't afford to not have some kind of larger budget to shell out, nor can people continue to work on something out of obligation when getting paid by a real job is a far greater concern.

Retrospectively, I'm relieved I never thought to try crowdfunding or asking for donations, because I'll fully admit I would've probably been unable to deliver on the same promises, even with a budget to speak of. Not to mention any hypothetical money I'd have received wouldn't have contributed anything in the long run, considering what's happened now.
I'm not about to be another Inafune.

Many of the people who'd been working on the project have since moved on, and I'm glad to see their involvement with this hasn't been too much of a hinderance to any of them.
I can only hope any anticipation readers of these reports have felt wasn't too hard on them either.

With this, I apologize for the silence about the project for almost a year and a half now- I should've not only been updating these posts during my long silence, but I should have also come to terms with completely ending this sooner, so as to not prolong anyone's hopes.

Thank you all for any amount of support and criticism you've given me over the course of this, and I promise I'll use this experience to learn to better myself with responsibilities and my work online in general.