Monday, October 20, 2014


By this point in time, I'm really glad I waited until this day to post the update, otherwise the news would've probably come across as far more...grim.
Up until 3 days ago, the situation was looking rather bleak for the entire development process.

Our programmer, having used GameMaker to create the engine we've been sing up until that time, made the decision to ultimately quit using the software and language altogether, due to the limiting nature of GML and the software alike. We had an engine, but with no competent programmer willing to take on the job, there really wasn't much point in trying to continue what something none of us had much of an idea on how to use.

But strange things can happen. Convenient, perfect strange things that can change the direction of a situation.
Within the past week, our team's been given permission to use an upcoming new Cave Story-esque engine, which you can see a preview of here:
The good news to this:
We have a much more open-ended and efficient engine than when the project was using GML.
The bad news?
The engine's not yet competed yet. Nearing completion, but not quite there yet. As a result, it may take some time before we can use the engine, and even then, adapting to its scripting language may take some more time. Luckily this has no effect on non-programming related parts of the project, so art, sprites, and music are still continuing normally.

The script, in turn will also be getting some major core changes, but for an audience that has been told little of the actual plot, this shouldn't concern any of you too much. A key thing that has been changed, however is the role of General Jiro, who will no longer be a villain in the main story, rather a supporting character in a sense.

Going deeper into specifics would be over-complicating things b this point, so I'll end this post here.
It's been a while since any update, and it's been good finally having a reason to post something positive.