About the Project


After playing Cave Story on multiple occasions, (in fact it's the game I've replayed the most) I really wanted to see a sequel come out of the hands of Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya. But in many interviews, he's stated that he's too busy to work on such project, and I would like to fill in the community by creating a sequel myself.

I plan on releasing the game or at least a playable demo by December of 2014, since that is the 10th anniversary of Cave Story. I don't want to charge any money for the game, that wouldn't be right (or legal), considering the first Cave Story was free upon release.

New features:

- New control options
- An entirely new engine
- New weapons and items
- An expanded move set (swimming)
- More emphasis on side-quests
- Particle effects and other graphical improvements
- Re-drawn portraits (Most likely not at the first demo release)
- An expanded soundtrack featuring new songs from the minds of the brilliant MrLog, Jeremiah Trahern, and Blake Marriot.
- Other modes, such as a sound player, a new character story, new game +, and more.

The Game's overall plot:

Beneath the Surface takes place after the 3rd ending of the first game, where Quote kills the doctor, Ballos, and saves the island from falling into the surface world. Meanwhile though...something is amiss. Something stirs at Black Space, the site of the doctor's defeat. Could it be...?

And that's all for now.

Keep checking the main page for more updates!

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