Q: When will the game be released?
A: We're shooting for December of 2014 at least, but with the time constraints we have, we probably won't make it then. Why December of 2014? Because it's Cave Story's 10th Anniversary!
Due to the recent change in game engines, the project's demo will most likely be delayed, so a 2014 demo release seems rather slim at this point. Sorry!

Q: What programs do you use to make this?
A: For the Music, and Orgmaker 2.0. For the sprites and tilesets, GraphicsGale, Photoshop CS3, and SAI. And for the coding, Raw C++ with added Lua.

Q: How close are you sticking with the original Cave Story lore established by Pixel?
A: Loosely. Considering almost none of the game is set on the same location as the island, the main conflict, characters, concepts and locales will be, for the most part, separate from Cave Story. That isn't to say there aren't still connections though, but throughout the evolution of the script, it became increasingly cringe-worthy to constantly shoehorn in connections to the mythos of the lore set up by Pixel, so after a while, I just got rid of most of them. Don't expect the demon crown, Ballos, most of the island's races and species, a good deal of the plot-relevant items from the first game, and a slew of other things to even be referenced.

Q: Why is this project non-profit? Can't you get Ad-revenue or something like that?
A: Because that would be illegal and in violation of Copyright Infringement. Cave Story is owned by Pixel and Nicalis. Not me. I can't use their property to make money.

Q: What happened the the staff page?
A: It got...lost...somewhere down the line...

For more questions, email me or ask them in the comments section!

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